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Trip to Paris (page 3/7)

[picture: Universites de Paris]

Universites de Paris

The Sorbonne is a well-known univerisity in Paris.

[picture: Metropolitain]


An old but blurry Metro sign.

[picture: Notre Dame at night]

Notre Dame at night

It’s a big blurry church by a river.

[picture: Notre Dame at night 2]

Notre Dame at night 2

With longer exposure.

[picture: Notre Dame at night 3]

Notre Dame at night 3

With long exposure. Not many people around at night, because that’s when God’s asleep.

[picture: Notre Dame rose window]

Notre Dame rose window

With statues in front. You can pay to throw little beanbags at them, and if you knock them all down you win a goldfish. Er, or something.

[picture: By Notre Dame at night]

By Notre Dame at night

Blurry but fun, flying butresses.

[picture: Notre Dame at night 4]

Notre Dame at night 4

From the other sise of the river.

[picture: French Building]

French Building

Probably part of the Sorbonne but I’m not sure.

[picture: Monument to Pasteur]

Monument to Pasteur

Ivi fut le Laboratoire de Pasteur [more...]

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