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Trip to Paris (page 5/7)

[picture: Charlemagne et ses leydes.]

Charlemagne et ses leydes.

Inscription on a statue.

[picture: Looking up to the saints of Notre Dame]

Looking up to the saints of Notre Dame

There they all are. They’re getting ready to pee on us.

[picture: Statuary on Notre Dame cathedral]

Statuary on Notre Dame cathedral

They seem to have imps or begging barefooted peasants at their feet.

[picture: Photographer]


This young man wanted a picture like mine, I think.

[picture: The front doors]

The front doors

Man those are neat hinges.

[picture: Soccer]


A giant soccer ball suspended in the street during the World Cup season.

[picture: Michael]


Michael visited a house where his wife lived when she was in Paris.

[picture: Michael smiling]

Michael smiling

“I’ve found it!”

[picture: Michael smiling 2]

Michael smiling 2

A wider angled shot.

[picture: Lion head]

Lion head

A corbel shaped like the head of a lion.

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