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2006 UK holiday 1 - Isle of Skye (page 5/10)

[picture: Staffin Bay]

Staffin Bay

Part of the beach at Staffin. There is also a sandy beach on the other side of the bay, but it’s harder to get to.

[picture: Babbling brook]

Babbling brook

Water falls over rocks into a wider stream, amid green pastures in this Scottish scene.

[picture: Scottish Thistle]

Scottish Thistle

A scottish thistle in Scotland, purple and green. Not so good for barefoot hikers though.

[picture: Scottish thistle 2]

Scottish thistle 2

Another view.

[picture: Scottish thistle 3]

Scottish thistle 3

A closer shot of the head, with the purple flower.

[picture: Foxglove]


A pink harebell or foxglove or something, a wild flower growing on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

[picture: Wild flowers and grasses]

Wild flowers and grasses

Might have been better if I had focused on the pink flower in the foreground – would have been a good composition. Oh well.

[picture: Daisy]


A close-up of a daisy.

[picture: Sheep and boat]

Sheep and boat

A sheep and a boat.

[picture: Sheep and boat 2]

Sheep and boat 2

A sheep and a boat.

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