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2006 UK holiday 1 - Isle of Skye (page 6/10)

[picture: Sheep skull]

Sheep skull

A skull set up on a rock on a beach.

[picture: seaweed]


Brack, perhaps, but I forget the names of the seaweeds now. It was long and brown and squishy.

[picture: Abandoned socks]

Abandoned socks

A pair of old black socks, abandoned on the beach. Perhaps they were once loyal servants of someone’s feet.

[picture: Cemetary gates]

Cemetary gates

Iron gates leading into an isolated graveyard on the road between Staffin and Uig.

[picture: Isolated cemetery]

Isolated cemetery

An ancient burial place, re-used as a christian burial site; gravestones, grassy mounds, dry stone walls, and in the distance a mountain.

[picture: Isolated cemetery 2]

Isolated cemetery 2

A gravestone stands amidst low stone walls in this old graveyard.

[picture: Graves and flowers]

Graves and flowers

Gravestones in an isolates graveyard in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. “In loving memory of our dear parents John Macdonald died 8th June 1954 aged 67” (?) and someone else who dies march 1978 aged 90. [more...]

[picture: moss-covered rocks]

moss-covered rocks

Some moss-coveres stones in a graveyard.

[picture: Dry stone wall]

Dry stone wall

A dry stone wall in a graveyard.

[picture: Tree]


A tree with moss and dead branches, and you can see bits of sky.

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