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2006 UK holiday 1 - Isle of Skye (page 9/10)

[picture: Cemetary gate 2]

Cemetary gate 2

The gate into a graveyard, set into a stone wall

[picture: Wild hollyhocks]

Wild hollyhocks

Some wild flowers in Scotland

[picture: Church in Staffin]

Church in Staffin

This church with its unusual cross was next to the bed-and-breakfast where we stayed.

[picture: Church in Staffin 2]

Church in Staffin 2

A slightly closer view of the cross.

[picture: The Works of Robert Burns]

The Works of Robert Burns

Title page, taken so I could order a copy

[picture: The Works of Robert Burns 2]

The Works of Robert Burns 2

Title page, taken so I could order a copy

[picture: Isolated graveyard panorama]

Isolated graveyard panorama

What a peaceful place to rest for a while. Gravestones, low stone walls, mountains.

[picture: Isle of Skye: harbour]

Isle of Skye: harbour

I think this is probably Staffin but I’m not sure.

[picture: Isolated graveyard]

Isolated graveyard

I took a lot of photographs of this old graveyard, seemingly in the middle of nowhere on the side of a hill, with its low stone walls and higgledy-piggledy gravestones. There have been people [...] [more...]

[picture: Staffin Cliffs]

Staffin Cliffs

The cliffs from the slipway at Staffin. A four-shot panorama I think.

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