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Abingdon (page 3/6)

[picture: The mill-stream]

The mill-stream

The same arched stone bridge over the millstream is shown from the other side in some other pictures here.

[picture: Old abbey buildings and willow tree]
[picture: Dirty water with ducks]

Dirty water with ducks

Ducks swimming in the medieval millstream; the building behind them is probably from the 17th century, relatively modern for these parts!

[picture: Drainpipes]


down-spouts against a brick wall. Sash windows in the background.

[picture: Pear orchard]

Pear orchard

Pear trees in the car park, with a stone-walled barn behind them.

[picture: Abbey wall]

Abbey wall

A medieval stone wall with a mullioned window peeking out from behind some trees. I had to wait for the sun to come out to take this one.

[picture: Old abbey buildings and willow tree 2]
[picture: Abbey wall 2]

Abbey wall 2

Another fo at the medieval stone building. I think I like the other one better.

[picture: View from the hotel window]

View from the hotel window

I am staying at “The Cosener’s House,” a mostly nineteenth century building in the grounds of the ruins of a medieval abbey. Almost all of the abbey has been repurposed over the years into other buildings, but many parts are still visible. The name probably derives from “cuisinier,” the person responsible for the provisions of the Abbey, the stores [...] [more...]

[picture: View from the hotel window 2]

View from the hotel window 2

A closer view. The viewfinder LCD on my camera is broken so it’s all guesswork!

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