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Abingdon (page 4/6)

[picture: broad face]

broad face

“broad face” is a restaurant in Abingdon which serves what one might call quasi-traditional (proleptic?) English food: roast lamb with yorkshire pudding, [...] [more...]

[picture: Abingdon street]

Abingdon street

A glimpse of life in England.

[picture: Abingdon street 2]

Abingdon street 2

Another (very similar) view.

[picture: Another Abingdon pub]

Another Abingdon pub

with tables in the courtyard.

[picture: Abingdon church]

Abingdon church

The church and an ornamental tree.

[picture: Abingdon church 2]

Abingdon church 2

With different focus; the LCD on my camera broke. There’s a landrover Discovery receding on the left. And that’s a tree, not a mushroom.

[picture: Norman archway]

Norman archway

The round arch with zig-zags generally indicates a Norman construction, so arouond A.D. 1100. It’s into Abingdon church, which appears to be dedicated to St. Edmund. [more...]

[picture: Saint Edmund]

Saint Edmund

This tablet / commemorates / in the town of his birth / SAINT EDMUND /
of Abingdon [more...]

[picture: Norman archway]

Norman archway

Another view of the Norman entrance to St. Edmund’s Church in Abingdon.

[picture: Stone wall]

Stone wall

A composite photograph of a medieval stone wall, suitable for use as a texture. I did not make it seamless. You would probably want to desaturate it and then colourize it slightly. [more...]

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