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Victoria, BC (page 5/5)

[picture: Western Isles 5]

Western Isles 5

These are basically unsorted photos.

[picture: Slanting coastline]

Slanting coastline

Amazingly, the water goes uphill here.

[picture: Settling coastline]

Settling coastline

OK, it’s getting less steep.

[picture: Settling coastline 2]

Settling coastline 2

OK, it’s getting less steep.

[picture: Switches in Vancouver]

Switches in Vancouver

I took this to make a stock image of electrical switches, as they are unusual. Actually they turned out to be coat-hooks, with one broken one at the end. [more...]

[picture: Transformation Mask]

Transformation Mask

A mask on display in Vancouver airport. It was made by Stan Wamix, from the Trawatoineuk peoples of Gwo’yee, Kingcome Inlet. The caption says that: [more...]

[picture: Caption for Transformation Mask]

Caption for Transformation Mask

The caption for the previous image, so I could transcribe it later.

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