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Cabildo Museum, Jackson Square, New Orleans (page 3/11)

[picture: Celestial Globe 4: caption]

Celestial Globe 4: caption

Celestial Globe
Vincenzo Maria Coronelli
c. 1680 [more...]

[picture: Iberville: Coloniee Francoises 1699]

Iberville: Coloniee Francoises 1699

A stone inscribed as follows: [more...]

[picture: Iberville]


In 1699 Pierre Le Moyne, Sieur d’Iberville, sailed into the Gulf of Mexico to resume France’s quest for a transcontinental empire. his party reached the mouth of the Mississippi on Shrove [...]Te Deum Over the next few months Iberville’s expedition continued up the Mississippi past Baton Rouge and Pointe CoupĂ©e, and then returned through the lakes and into the Gulf. [more...]

[picture: Pierre Le Moyne]

Pierre Le Moyne

A portrait next to the caption. [more...]

[picture: Dug-out canoe]

Dug-out canoe

Blurry boat.

[picture: Dug-out canoe, or pirogue]

Dug-out canoe, or pirogue

This may have been made by Native Americans or by the white settlers who copied them; it dates from the 19th century. [more...]

[picture: Pirogue (caption)]

Pirogue (caption)

19th Century
Gift of the Friends of the Cabildo
Pirogues made from hollowed out logs were adapted by Europeans from Native Americans. Small boats of this type are still used in many parts of Louisiana today. [more...]

[picture: Pirogue: one end]

Pirogue: one end

One end of the Pirogue (dug-out canoe).

[picture: Pirogue: other end]

Pirogue: other end

Another end of the Pirogue (dug-out canoe).

[picture: Santo: St. John the Baptist Figurine 1]

Santo: St. John the Baptist Figurine 1

A carved figurine, Saint John the Baptist, from around 1700.

Shown in the museum in New Orleans, photographed with permission.

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