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New Orleans: Mardi Gras Museum (page 3/10)

[picture: Caption for Cup]
[picture: Captain's costume]

Captain’s costume

Captain’s costume
Mistick Krewe of Comus
Anna Forstall, costumer
1937 [more...]

[picture: caption for costume]
[picture: Blurry photo]

Blurry photo

Since I didn’t use flash or a tripod, some of these pictures are blurred. This one is of a photograph of a costume from (I think) 1912.

[picture: Mardi Gras Costume]

Mardi Gras Costume

A giant papier Mâché mask, red and yellow striped pantaloons, and a huge toothy grin!

[picture: Merlin the Wizard Mardi Gras Costume 1]

Merlin the Wizard Mardi Gras Costume 1

Tableau Costume
Krewe of Petronius
Garron Lenaz
1984 [more...]

[picture: Death Skeleton Mardi Gras Costume]

Death Skeleton Mardi Gras Costume

Mr. Death costume in a display at the New Orleans Mardi Gras Museum entitled “Bucketment, Skeletons and Monkeys.”

[picture: Merlin the Wizard Mardi Gras Costume 2]

Merlin the Wizard Mardi Gras Costume 2

From another angle. See the first Merlin picture for the caption.

[picture: caption]


scheduled for deletion

[picture: caption for Merlin the Wizard]

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