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A Day in New Orleans (page 12/19)

[picture: Dumaine St. Station 3]

Dumaine St. Station 3

Low-down view (I put the camera directly on the rail) of this railway station (US: railroad station) on the streetcar/tram line.

[picture: Ship approaching Bridge 3]

Ship approaching Bridge 3

It’s going under the bridge now.

[picture: Ship approaching Bridge 4]

Ship approaching Bridge 4

I changed lenses and got a clearer shot.

[picture: City Garden]

City Garden

Behind these brick walls and through this gate is a garden. Inviting, but at the same time the viewer is excluded.

[picture: Luscious Street]

Luscious Street

Somewhere near the Cathedral I think.

[picture: Luscious Street 2]

Luscious Street 2

Another shot. Can’t have too many.

[picture: Harry's Corner]

Harry’s Corner

On the corner of Chartres Street and Dumaine Street. [more...]

[picture: Iron balcony]

Iron balcony

leaning dangerously. Or was it me?

[picture: French Quarter Computer Services and Internet Repairs]

French Quarter Computer Services and Internet Repairs

Get your internet mended here. Although since it’s for lease, maybe you can’t.

[picture: Libraire Bookshop]

Libraire Bookshop

I bought some books here.

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