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A Day in New Orleans (page 15/19)

[picture: Saint Louis Cathedral, Interior 10]

Saint Louis Cathedral, Interior 10

The painting behind the altar, the king of france announces the christians are going to slaughter innocent foreigners.

[picture: Saint Louis Cathedral, Interior 11]

Saint Louis Cathedral, Interior 11

The West wall (opposite the altar) has an arch, Te Deum Laudamus, I will praise thee O god.

[picture: Saint Louis Cathedral, Interior 12]

Saint Louis Cathedral, Interior 12

The Mystical Sheep is worshipped.

[picture: Photographers]


’phew, I came out of that oppressive atmosphere. Well, actually it wasn’t that bad. And it had stopped raining.

[picture: Looking towards the skyscrapers]

Looking towards the skyscrapers

Another of these shots.

[picture: Pirate's Alley]

Pirate’s Alley

Next to the cathedral.

[picture: Tony Seville's Pirate's Alley Café]

Tony Seville’s Pirate’s Alley Café

Looks like it serrves absinthe.

[picture: Doorway]


A cool old doorway.

[picture: Orleans Street]

Orleans Street

When New Orleans was the Capital of the Spanish Province of Luisiana.
1762 – 1803
This street bore the name
Calle De Orleans [more...]

[picture: Pirate's Alley and Royal 1]

Pirate’s Alley and Royal 1

A clothes shop (clothing store)

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