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A Day in New Orleans (page 17/19)

[picture: table 1]

table 1

A blurry table.

[picture: table 2]

table 2

A table in a small restaurant.

[picture: Building 1]

Building 1

With a palm tree in front. I think it was the court house.

[picture: Building 2]

Building 2

Another view.

[picture: Park railings]

Park railings

With a tree and young men and cars.

[picture: Fleur-de-lis]


A coffee shop next to “La Belle Galerie” and the Black Art Collection.

[picture: Ornate building]

Ornate building

Lots of buildings like this in the French Quarter there are.

[picture: Ornate building 2]

Ornate building 2

Another shot.

[picture: Music shop]

Music shop

soul, jazz, cajun, zydeco, gospel, blues. If you are wondering, zydeco is a sort of American folk music from Louisiana.

[picture: Beckhan's Books 1]

Beckhan’s Books 1

I don’t think I bought anything in this second-hand bookshop [US: used bookstore].

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