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A Day in New Orleans (page 3/19)

[picture: Chartres Street: old and new]

Chartres Street: old and new

Looking back down Chartres Street towards the tall hotel towers.

[picture: Enterey]


This red door had an eagle carrying a shield fastened to it, perhaps the remains of an old door knocker. All very goth, I’m sure. The ten-digit numbers [...] [more...]

[picture: Entery 2]

Entery 2

A slightly closer shot.

[picture: Exchange Place 1]

Exchange Place 1

A small pedestrian-only road just off Bienville Ave.

[picture: Exchange Place 2]

Exchange Place 2

A small pedestrian-only road just off Bienville Ave.

[picture: Fire Escape Ladder]

Fire Escape Ladder

Lots of the buildings in New orleans have these fire escape ladders. This one was on Bienville Street.

[picture: Bienville]


When New Orleans was the Capital of the Spanish Province of Luisiana.
1762 – 1803
This street bore the name
Calle De Bienville [more...]

[picture: Angle Grinder Man]

Angle Grinder Man

A man squatting down to use an angle-grinder on a yellow trolley in front of a pink building. He gave me permission to take (and use) the picture. [more...]

[picture: Bienville]


Looking down a side-street in New Orleans.

[picture: Louis XIV]

Louis XIV

I think this may be the back entrance to Jean Lafitte Bistro.

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