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A Day in New Orleans (page 4/19)

[picture: Tony Moran's]

Tony Moran’s

The back entrance (I think) to Tony Moran’s restaurant, with old brick walls enclosing a patio.

[picture: Tony Moran's 2]

Tony Moran’s 2

Another view.

[picture: Bourbon Street]

Bourbon Street

The most famous street in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

[picture: Bourbon Street lamppost]

Bourbon Street lamppost

The lamp-post and street-sign “Rue Bourbon / Bourbon” with, in the background, the Jazz Bistro.

[picture: Fins]


A retro entrance to a seafood restaurant in New Orleans.

[picture: Fins 2]

Fins 2

another shot.

[picture: Arnaud's]


A restaurant sign in New Orleans taken for someone I know called Arnaud.

[picture: Musical Legends Park 1]

Musical Legends Park 1

This small brick patio has statues of famous jazz musicians. Here we see Antoine “Fats” Domino, A “Jumbo” Hirt and Pete Fountain, next to a fountain. [more...]

[picture: Musical Legends Park 2: Fats Domino]

Musical Legends Park 2: Fats Domino

Antoine “Fats” Domino, a statue in New Orleans.

[picture: Musical Legends Park 3: A ``Jumbo'' Hirt]

Musical Legends Park 3: A “Jumbo” Hirt

A “Jumbo” Hirt, a statue in New Orleans.

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