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A Day in New Orleans (page 6/19)

[picture: Borbon Street]

Borbon Street

When New Orleans was the Capital of the Spanish Province of Luisiana.
1762 – 1803
This street bore the name
Calle De Borbon [more...]

[picture: Looking Back]

Looking Back

Another shot contrasting the older part of the French Quarter with the tall skyscrapers of the big hotels.

[picture: Stone Head]

Stone Head

A srange object on a balcony.

[picture: Horse post]

Horse post

Tie your horse up here?

[picture: Bottomless Topless 1]

Bottomless Topless 1

A bar/club on Bourbon Street

[picture: Bottomless Topless 2]

Bottomless Topless 2

If nudity offends you...
...don’t come in [more...]

[picture: The French Opera House]

The French Opera House


[picture: The Inn on Bourbon 1]

The Inn on Bourbon 1

The site of the old French Opera House.

[picture: The Dungeon]

The Dungeon

A promising sign but I never did check it out.

[picture: The Inn on Bourbon 2]

The Inn on Bourbon 2

A fish-eye (wide-angle) shot showing more of the building.

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