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A Day in New Orleans (page 9/19)

[picture: Elegance]


An elegant restaurant (I think) in New Orleans, with dormer windows and a hedge.

[picture: Tree]


A large old tree in front of a building.

[picture: Creeper 1]

Creeper 1

Japonica? on the side of a building.

[picture: Creeper 2]

Creeper 2

Another artsy sort of shot.

[picture: Black Gate Pink Wall]

Black Gate Pink Wall

A black metal gate in a pink wall.

[picture: Ursulines and Bourbon]

Ursulines and Bourbon

This old and somewhat run-down looking convenience store has a lot of alcohol in the window. A sign on the door says “cash only.”

[picture: Horse Post]

Horse Post

These posts are everywhere.

[picture: Balcony detail]

Balcony detail

With the ubiquitous Mardi Gras beads

[picture: Handsome Jerk]

Handsome Jerk

This man stopped his pickup truck in the middle of the street and insisted that I photograph him, so I did.

[picture: Looking back]

Looking back

I was fascinated by the contrasts in New Orleans, so here we have an old street with a skyscraper in the far distance.

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