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Ontario Snowscapes (page 11/15)

[picture: Winter trees 3]

Winter trees 3

With more of the snow.

[picture: Snowcano 1]

Snowcano 1

A “snowcano” is a natural phenomonon that occurs near the beach (at least of Lake Ontario) in winter. At the edge of the shore the water pushes up through cracks in the ice and makes frozen columns, which in turn get covered in snow. So you get these cones of snow, sometimes with [...] [more...]

[picture: Footprints in the snow]

Footprints in the snow

From a dog probably.

[picture: Top of the mountain]

Top of the mountain

Looking out from the top of a large pile of snow over Lake Ontario at sunset.

[picture: Snowcano crater]

Snowcano crater

The top of a snowcano. See Snowcano 1 for a longer description.

[picture: Snowcano crater 2]

Snowcano crater 2

Another view

[picture: Winter tree with moon 1]

Winter tree with moon 1

A tree with the snow and rocks and the full moon.

[picture: Winter tree with moon 2]
[picture: Winter tree with moon 3]
[picture: Sculpted snow on the beach]

Sculpted snow on the beach

Windswept piles of snow. It all looks tranquil, but it took a lot of wind to make those piles. The conical piles to the left are probably each a Snowcano [more...]

[picture: Snowy shore at sunset]

Snowy shore at sunset

Snow on the beach, isn’t that a sort of drink?

[picture: Snowy shore at sunset 2]

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