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Ontario Snowscapes (page 12/15)

[picture: Winter forest with full moon]

Winter forest with full moon

Evergreen trees, slightly reddish in the setting sun, but with a clear blue evening sky above them, a full moon, and lots of snow.

[picture: Winter forest with full moon 2]

Winter forest with full moon 2

A winder angle shot

[picture: Winter forest with full moon 3]

Winter forest with full moon 3

Slightly different camera settings.

[picture: Sunset with tree]

Sunset with tree

And a flying bird, they do that, you know.

[picture: Sunset with tree 2]

Sunset with tree 2

A slightly different angle.

[picture: Sunset with tree 3]

Sunset with tree 3

Taken within seconds of the previous two, but with different camera settings to get a more saturated sky.

[picture: Winter Evergreen Tree]

Winter Evergreen Tree

An evergreen tree with snow. If you use this photo, which you are of course welcome to do if you credit me, you’ll want to adjust the colour balance by bringing up the green a little; the tree looks [...] [more...]

[picture: Sunset with tree 4]

Sunset with tree 4

The beach is covered in snow, the water is frozen, it’s sunset, let’s go for a swim!

[picture: Sunset with tree 5]
[picture: Footprints in the snow 1]

Footprints in the snow 1

It was too cold to go without boots, sorry.

[picture: Footprints in the snow 2]

Footprints in the snow 2

Bootprints/footprints leading off into the sunset. Except that it’s not obvious from this shot that you can walk on the water, since it’s frozen solid. [more...]

[picture: Winter tree]

Winter tree

Silhouetted against the sky, with snow piled up behind it, and bare branches.

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