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Ontario Snowscapes (page 5/15)

[picture: That Tree Again]

That Tree Again

The Point Petre Tree at the end of a snowy trail in the evening in Winter.

[picture: Evening Winter Trees 3]

Evening Winter Trees 3

The sun shining through some trees in a snowy winter scene.

[picture: Evening Winter Trees 4]

Evening Winter Trees 4

Another shot, with a slightly lower setting sun seen through the trees and snow.

[picture: Evening Winter Trees 5]
[picture: Evening Winter Trees 6]

Evening Winter Trees 6

Another one, with a wider angle.

[picture: That tree again]

That tree again

OK, so it likes being photographed.

[picture: Point Petre Sunset]

Point Petre Sunset

OK, everyone needs a photo like this.

Note: high resolution version on request, as with all these pictures.

[picture: icicles]


Frozen drops of water.

[picture: Evening Winter Tree]

Evening Winter Tree

I love the complex texture made by the branches.

[picture: Winter Sunset over Lake Ontario]

Winter Sunset over Lake Ontario

I think if the cloud hadn’t been there this would be a pretty amazing shot. Oh well.

[picture: Winter Sunset over Lake Ontario 2]

Winter Sunset over Lake Ontario 2

With slightly different camera settings.

[picture: Winter Sunset over Lake Ontario 3]

Winter Sunset over Lake Ontario 3

With a bird flying past.

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