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Louisiana South-East of New Orleans (page 3/6)

[picture: Waterside dump]

Waterside dump

Rusted metal parts, a high-pressure hose, trash, piled up in the foreground. In the background a boat-crane.

[picture: Dock]


A loading stage of some sort.

[picture: Private canal 1]

Private canal 1

A discarded sign, “Private canal property of Texaco Inc.” although it’s not clear why the sign was in a pile of rubbish.

[picture: Private canal 2]

Private canal 2

Discarded signs, “Private canal property of Texaco Inc.” amongst some rubbish, although it’s not clear why the signs were thrown away. Maybe it’s not really a private canal? [more...]

[picture: Fishing boat]

Fishing boat

parked (er, moored), with a fuel tank behind it.

[picture: Birds 1]

Birds 1

Pelicans maybe? With a boat behind them that might or might not have run aground.

[picture: Birds 2]

Birds 2

Bravo Foxtrot 49, you’re cleared for takeoff at this time.

[picture: Birds 3]

Birds 3

Admiring their reflections.

[picture: Fishing boat]

Fishing boat

A better shot of the boat. With birds.

[picture: Birds in flight]

Birds in flight

Seagulls I think.

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