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Louisiana South-East of New Orleans (page 4/6)

[picture: Bird]


Flying at the camera, ready to bomb me!

[picture: Crashed boat 1]

Crashed boat 1

It sunk. Possibly in Hurricane Katrina. Location here is approximate.

[picture: Crashed boat 2]

Crashed boat 2

A closer view.

[picture: Crashed boat 3]

Crashed boat 3

It doesn’t look so bad if you just see the front (sorry, the prow).

[picture: Louisiana Sunset 1]

Louisiana Sunset 1

The light was fading fast.

[picture: Louisiana Sunset 2]

Louisiana Sunset 2

Another angle on the sunset.

[picture: Venice Post Office 1]

Venice Post Office 1

I wouldn’t try to send a parcel though: the roof is crumpled and torn away, and it doesn’t look as if it’s in use. Blame Hurricane Katrina. A USPS Mail Service Update [...] [more...]

[picture: Venice Post Office 2]

Venice Post Office 2

Another view, a wider angle.

[picture: Nobody home]

Nobody home

That trailer is probably where this farming family now live. It’s hard enough to run a small farm in the US without hurricanes tearing off your roof. [more...]

[picture: No-one here but us chickens]

No-one here but us chickens

More storm damage

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