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Louisiana South-East of New Orleans (page 5/6)

[picture: Another abandoned building]

Another abandoned building

The damage here is harder to see at first glance.

[picture: Ruined House 1]

Ruined House 1

After a while you get sad and depressed seeing so many houses torn by the hurricane. It’s a lot easier to say don’t live there than it is to say here’s some money to move away. [more...]

[picture: Ruined House 2]

Ruined House 2

There’s another damaged house in the backgrouns, and probably another behind that.

[picture: Ruined House 3]

Ruined House 3

OK, no attempt at art, just some journalism.

[picture: Another ruined house 1]

Another ruined house 1

This one even has a couch visible through an upstairs... er... wall. It was probably a relatively expensive house once. Not too long ago.

[picture: Another ruined house 2]

Another ruined house 2

A closer view.

[picture: Have Gun Will Use 1]

Have Gun Will Use 1

So don’t try looting.

[picture: Have Gun Will Use 2]

Have Gun Will Use 2

Another shot.

[picture: It used to be a church]

It used to be a church

We picked up a hitch-hiker whose truck had run out of gas; he had bought this church after Hurricane Katrina had destroyed it, and plans to live there. At least until the next hurricane. [more...]

[picture: FEMA Camp 1]

FEMA Camp 1

How many tens of thousands of people are living in these trailers, with little or no hope of getting any house back?

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