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Coming home from Raleigh (page 6/8)

[picture: Belleville Bridge]

Belleville Bridge

The bridge between Belleville and Prince Edward County, seen from the air.

[picture: Belleville Bridge from above]

Belleville Bridge from above

Almost directly overhead!

[picture: Marina]


Another marina on Lake Ontario.

[picture: A river]

A river

Seen from the air.

[picture: Electricity Farm seen from the air]

Electricity Farm seen from the air

Looks like a power distribution centre but I’m not sure.

[picture: Blurry River]
[picture: Diagonal River]

Diagonal River

The famous Diagonal River. This is on the Western edge of Kingston, ON.

[picture: Diagonal River with Goods Train]

Diagonal River with Goods Train

You can see a goods train (US: freight train) crossing the bridge over the river here.

[picture: Marshy Bit]

Marshy Bit

A meandering river has made a marsh.

[picture: Suburban Canada 1]

Suburban Canada 1

Houses in the suburbs of Kingston, Ontario.

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