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A trip to Raleigh, North Carolina (page 7/13)

[picture: Tree-trunk with ivy 2]

Tree-trunk with ivy 2

The trunk of this tree has ivy growing up it.

[picture: Tree-trunk with ivy 3]

Tree-trunk with ivy 3

The trunk of this tree has ivy growing up it. A closer view.

[picture: ivy 1]

ivy 1

Hmm, so the image stabilisation isn’t perfect. The next one is better I think.

[picture: ivy 2]

ivy 2

Close-up (macro shot) of some ivy leaves.

[picture: ivy 3]

ivy 3

Close-up of some ivy leaves. Notice how the leaves branch off on alternate sides of the stem.

[picture: Clowering shrub by brick wall]

Clowering shrub by brick wall

An old brick wall had a flowering planty thing against it.

[picture: Stone Acorn 1]

Stone Acorn 1

This was on top of a gate-post.

[picture: Stone Acorn 2]

Stone Acorn 2

A slightly better shot. Still experimenting with new camera lens.

[picture: Tree Green 1]

Tree Green 1

Looking up through the leaves.

[picture: Tree Green 2]

Tree Green 2

Looking up through the leaves.

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