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The Camposanto Monumentale cemetary in Pisa (page 12/32)

[picture: Pillar]


I think there is more of this, or another very similar, in image 6050.

[picture: John died in 1574]

John died in 1574

An inscription dated 1574. The deceased was aged 80. The overbars indicate abbreviations, that is, places where letters were omitted to save space. [more...]

[picture: Oval Skull and Crossbones 1]

Oval Skull and Crossbones 1

A skull and two crossbones, which are tied together with a ribbon, on this tombstone from 1574. [more...]

[picture: Square Skull and Crossbones 1]

Square Skull and Crossbones 1

Another skull and crossbones, again with a ribbon or flourish in the background. This one is on the tombstone of Antonio Magnanio, I think.

[picture: Square Skull and Crossbones 2]

Square Skull and Crossbones 2

A closer view. Maybe he was a pirate?

[picture: Skull and Crossbones 3]

Skull and Crossbones 3

A longer view showing the entire gravestone. The shield shows an arm with a hand grasping three leaves, perhaps palm leaves or large styilized wheat stalks. The inscription bears the date 1603. [more...]

[picture: Oval Skull and Crossbones 2]

Oval Skull and Crossbones 2

A full view of the tombstone bearing the oval skull and crossbones motif. The inscription is dated 1574 (or possibly 1578). [more...]

[picture: Bust of Prof. Giorgio Regnoli 1]

Bust of Prof. Giorgio Regnoli 1

An effigy carved by Reginaldo Bilancini in the 19th century. There is also a view of the side in which you can read the inscription. [more...]

[picture: Anastasia's Tomb 1]

Anastasia’s Tomb 1

Carving on the side of a tomb, showing three putti (strictly speaking, they are not cherubs), three naked boys, the leftmost kneeling holding (but not reading) an open book, the centre one with a ship’s anchor, and [...] [more...]

[picture: Anastasia's Tomb 2]

Anastasia’s Tomb 2

A dramatic tomb, with a statue of a weeping mourner; a statue of the deceased (I assume) is lying on the tomb holding a cross. There is also a pillar to the side with [...] [more...]

[picture: Bust of Prof. Giorgio Regnoli 2]

Bust of Prof. Giorgio Regnoli 2

The side of the Bust of Prof. Giorgio Regnoli showing the inscription.

[picture: Bust of a bearded man]

Bust of a bearded man

Another effigy, probably again from the 19th century.

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