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The Camposanto Monumentale cemetary in Pisa (page 14/32)

[picture: Enzo Carli]

Enzo Carli

The cemetary is still in use:

enzo carli
storico dell’arte


[picture: Sarcophagus with inscription 1]

Sarcophagus with inscription 1

Two heraldic crests with eagles, the left of which has some green colouration. The inscription includes the date 1452. This is the date in which Eleanor of Portugal married King Frederick III of Germany, so perhaps [...] [more...]

[picture: Sarcophagus with inscription 2]

Sarcophagus with inscription 2

A close-up of the 16th century inscription.

[picture: Sarcophagus with inscription 3]

Sarcophagus with inscription 3

A close-up of the 16th century inscription.

[picture: Youth]


A young man who let me photograph me with soft focus.

[picture: Stone tracery]

Stone tracery

Part of a window fastened to a wall.

[picture: Man at rest]

Man at rest

A particularly ornate tomb.

[picture: Room of murals]

Room of murals

The restoration work on the frescoes that were on the walls.

[picture: caption]


A sign explaining (in Italian) the restoration project.

[picture: Panel Five 1]

Panel Five 1

Fresco panel 5 dated (I think) 1360 – 1380.

[picture: Panel Five 2]

Panel Five 2

A monk reads a book; a horseback procession queues to view a row of corposes in coffins; naked men with wings (angels?) hold an inscription aloft, and much much more. [more...]

[picture: Panel Five 3]

Panel Five 3

Another view

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