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The Camposanto Monumentale cemetary in Pisa (page 19/32)

[picture: Inscription]


I don’t know what this is, but the lettering is interesting.

[picture: caption]


rectangular sarcophagus (end of 2th century a.d.). on the front the myth of phaedra and hyppolitus. on the left flank ephebe holding a horse, on the right flank ephebe with dog. reused in 1076 for the countess [...] [more...]

[picture: Second Century A.D. Sarcophagus 1]

Second Century A.D. Sarcophagus 1

Here is the ephebe (a young man) with his dog. Not to mention another, naked, man with a spear. [more...]

[picture: Second Century A.D. Sarcophagus 2]

Second Century A.D. Sarcophagus 2

Showing the ephebe with horse, holding his spear, and with a cloak over his back, but otherwise naked. The inscription underneath bears the date 1076; the sarcophagus was re-used a little over a thousand years ago, but it was [...] [more...]

[picture: Second Century A.D. Sarcophagus 3]

Second Century A.D. Sarcophagus 3

A detail of the carving.

[picture: Inscription (1622)]

Inscription (1622)

Caesar ruschius
Joan Bap f civ pis
phil ac med doct
sepul hoc sibi
suiso pon cur
a d
mdcxxii [more...]

[picture: Skull and crossbones 1]

Skull and crossbones 1

An oval skull and crossbones symbol.

[picture: Skull and crossbones 2]

Skull and crossbones 2

A closer view.

[picture: The skull and crossbone tombstone]

The skull and crossbone tombstone

The whole tombstone on the floor (taken from a strange angle, sorry) with the inscription, shield and the skull and crossbones motif.

[picture: Fluted Sarcophagus From 3rd Century 1]

Fluted Sarcophagus From 3rd Century 1

rectangular sarcophagus (second half of 3rd century a.d.). on the front between flutings aedicule with philosopher and muse; on the sides, on the right male figure, on the left feminine figure. on the flanks winged [...]th century engraved on the edge and an inscription of the 12th century on the top (bambo) [more...]

[picture: Fluted Sarcophagus From 3rd Century 2]

Fluted Sarcophagus From 3rd Century 2

Close-up of the depiction of the deceased couple. The man is bearded and reads from a scroll; he appears to have a cloven foot. The woman is to his right and behind him. [more...]

[picture: caption]


rectangular sarcophagus (second half [of] 3rd century a.d.). on the front deceased couple with undulating fluting on the sides. [more...]

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