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The Camposanto Monumentale cemetary in Pisa (page 21/32)

[picture: Rococo Tomb 4: More scenes]

Rococo Tomb 4: More scenes

Not a good photograph but it gives an idea of more of the scenes.

[picture: Dom is Dead 1: inscription]

Dom is Dead 1: inscription

Actually, I think, Joseph and Camilla Battaglum died, and were buried here with an inscription dated 1605.

[picture: Dom is Dead 2: Skull and crossbones]

Dom is Dead 2: Skull and crossbones

A slightly damaged tombstone bearing a skull-and-crossbones symbol.

[picture: Dom is Dead 3]

Dom is Dead 3

The upper part of the tombstone (actually it is set into the floor and is horizontal) showing the family crest or heraldic shield.

[picture: Dom is dead 4]

Dom is dead 4

The entire tombstone, showing the relationship of the three parts and the somewhat ornate engraving.

[picture: Inscription 1]

Inscription 1

s honorabilis viri
ioanispieri olim
magistri antonii de
thaivolis depistorio
aromtarii z civis
pisani z neredu[m] suov [more...]

[picture: Inscription 2]

Inscription 2

Vertical, to make it easier to trace. I have (as with all of these) a higher resolution version of the image if you want it. [more...]

[picture: 1700-year-old stone coffin 6: overall view]

1700-year-old stone coffin 6: overall view

Showing the whole sarcophagus.

[picture: Another inscription]

Another inscription

Some wonderful ligatures (so to speak) here, intertwined letterforms. The flattened omega signs above the first line are standard scribal abbreviations indicating missing letters, usually “m” [...]co, ce, ca, li, pe, tr, ti, and various other joined letters. There is a lot of life here, in the midst of death. [more...]

[picture: Richly carved sarcophagus]

Richly carved sarcophagus

rectangular sarcophagus (end of 3rd century a.d.). on the front portico with six solomonic columns. at the center a wedding scene with iuno pronuba in the backgrouond; dioscuri in the spaces 1 and 5; a femenine figure with cist and camilla with offering in space 2; a male figure in a toga between two male figures in space 5; on one flank victimizer with a bull, on the other three figures of camilli. [more...]

[picture: putti at play 1]

putti at play 1

Carved putti, or cupids, on this Roman sarcophagus from the 3rd century. These little naked boys are stealing some apples. [more...]

[picture: putti at play 2]

putti at play 2

Carved putti, or cupids, on this Roman sarcophagus from the 3rd century. These little naked bous are stealing some apples. [more...]

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