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The Camposanto Monumentale cemetary in Pisa (page 24/32)

[picture: Bacchic Scene Sarcophagus 3]

Bacchic Scene Sarcophagus 3

Slightly different camera settings.

[picture: Bacchic Scene Sarcophagus 4]

Bacchic Scene Sarcophagus 4

Depravity, debauchery, nudity, and an inscription on this ancient Roman sarcophagus.

[picture: caption]


sarcophagus of mid of 3rd century a.d. on the front and on the flanks bacchic scene with ariadne unveiled by bacchus, satyrs and meneids. on the elevation dionysian scene and board with the name of the deceased (camurenus mironis); on the corners acrotera with satyric masks. [more...]

[picture: Stone coffin for the burial of a child]

Stone coffin for the burial of a child

rectangular sarcophagus for the burial of a child (beginning of 3rd century a.d.). on the front scene of a bacchic feast with winged putti. on the flanks winged gryphons. [more...]

[picture: Inscription from tombstone]

Inscription from tombstone

An inscription dated 1471, with a crest and a symbol. [more...]

[picture: ]

[picture: ]

[picture: Undated inscription]

Undated inscription

Another one.

[picture: ]

[picture: The dome of the cemetary 1]

The dome of the cemetary 1

Looking through the cloister window.

[picture: The baptistry dome 1]

The baptistry dome 1

Seen through a cloister window in the cemetary courtyard.

[picture: The baptistry dome 2]

The baptistry dome 2

Or is it part of the Duomo? I am suddenly uncertain.

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