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The Camposanto Monumentale cemetary in Pisa (page 25/32)

[picture: The dome of the cemetary 2]

The dome of the cemetary 2

Looking through the cloister window, and showing the fine stone tracery and the dome against the clear blue sky.

[picture: Meleager and the wild boar 1]

Meleager and the wild boar 1

quadrangular sarcophagus (first half of 3rd century a.d.) with representation of the myth of meleager who together with atalanta, artemis and others hunts the caledonian wild boar. [more...]

[picture: Meleager and the wild boar 2]

Meleager and the wild boar 2

Showing the end of the sarcophagus, with a naked man and perhaps the dead boar hanging from a tree.

[picture: Meleager and the wild boar 3]

Meleager and the wild boar 3

Closeup of buttocks and crotch.

[picture: Meleager and the wild boar 4]

Meleager and the wild boar 4

Closeup of another pair of buttocks and crotch.

[picture: Statue of Leonardo Fibonacci 1]

Statue of Leonardo Fibonacci 1

A statue of Leonardo Fibonacci, also known as Leonardo Pisano, who of course was a native of Pisa. Since the mathematician Fibonacci died in about A.D. 1250, and the statue’s inscription mentions the 12th century, it shows him as no older than 30 or so, or the inscription is mistaken, or (extremely unlikely) it’s of [...] [more...]

[picture: Statue of Leonardo Fibonacci 2]

Statue of Leonardo Fibonacci 2

The statue is in an atmospheric part of the ancient building, with the remains of a fresco on the brick wall behind him, and other tombs all around. [more...]

[picture: caption]


(left-hand caption missing, my apologies) [more...]

[picture: Painted marble panel]

Painted marble panel

Or possibly inlaid, actually.

[picture: Sarcophagus, or tomb]

Sarcophagus, or tomb

A sarcophagus with pillars and arches and carved people.

[picture: Fresco]


A part of the fresco on the walls.

[picture: Statues of the Dead]

Statues of the Dead

Tombs with statues, in the late afternoon sunlight.

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