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The Camposanto Monumentale cemetary in Pisa (page 5/32)

[picture: caption 1: The Camposanto of Pisa: cemetery, reliquary, museum]

caption 1: The Camposanto of Pisa: cemetery, reliquary, museum

The Camposanto of Pisa can be considered one of the foremost Italian artistic places and already in the Eighteenth century travellers, artists and men of letters considered it a privileged destination. During the last [19th] century, its immortal fame started to decline partly because of the growing celebrity of [the] leaning Tower but also for some [...] [more...]

[picture: caption 2: picture]

caption 2: picture

The right-hand side of the board with the caption about the restoration of the Camposanto has a diagram.

[picture: fresco]


Remains of the ancient and beautiful frescoes in the Cemetery, or Camposanto, in Pisa.

[picture: Wall without frescoes]

Wall without frescoes

The interior wall of the Camposanto where there used to be a fresco. You can still see some remnants.

[picture: Camposanto Cloister Courtyard 1]

Camposanto Cloister Courtyard 1

Looing into the courtyard, where there is said to be buries some Holy Soil, that is, some dirt from the Holy Land.

[picture: Camposanto Cloister Courtyard 2]

Camposanto Cloister Courtyard 2

A peaceful place for those who grieve for the dead.

[picture: Camposanto long gallery]

Camposanto long gallery

Showing one of the two long galleries on either side of the courtyard (those at the ends are shorter). You can see the ancient roman sarcophagi arranged along [...] [more...]

[picture: Camposanto Cloisters]

Camposanto Cloisters

Looking at the cloisters from the courtyard, or quadrangle.

[picture: Tracery]


The elegant tracery on the stone windows makes them appear light and insubstantial, almost things of the spirit.

[picture: Gravestone slab 1]

Gravestone slab 1

A tomb marker set into the floor, bearing the inscription s societatis s n detolentino together with a stylized iris or lili and two clam shells. [more...]

[picture: Gravestone slab 2]

Gravestone slab 2

Taken from above

[picture: Inscription]


sepulcrvo2 nobilivo2 deporcari

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