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The Camposanto Monumentale cemetary in Pisa (page 6/32)

[picture: Medieval Inscription]

Medieval Inscription

An inscription carved into a slab of stone, and dated MDXCVI, which is, 1596.

[picture: Angel Box 1: Medieval Inscription]

Angel Box 1: Medieval Inscription

In a very different style; this one is dated 1315. I have the original 10 megapixel photograph, not scaled down, if you want to try making this into a font. [more...]

[picture: Angel Box 2: Putti]

Angel Box 2: Putti

A putti or cherub, that is, a naked boy with wings, holding a lighted torch.

[picture: Angel Box 3: Romantic angel of death]

Angel Box 3: Romantic angel of death

An anatomically plausible naked winged angel child on the side of a tomb.

[picture: Angel Box 4: Sarcophagus]

Angel Box 4: Sarcophagus

Overview of the whole sarcophagus, with its inscription and its cherubic little angels.

[picture: Inscription]


Dated MDCVI, which is, 1606.

[picture: Reliquary 1: Pyramid with inscription]

Reliquary 1: Pyramid with inscription

This inscription in a triangular stone uses Roman capitals with a variety of scribal abbreviations. It is dated 1567.

[picture: Reliquary 2: overview]

Reliquary 2: overview

The box, with its inscription.

[picture: Heraldic flagstone]

Heraldic flagstone

A tomb in the floor, with shield, and with robed monks on either side as supporters.

[picture: The floor 1]

The floor 1

The floor is paved with the dead.

[picture: The floor 2]

The floor 2

The floor is paved with the dead.

[picture: Sarcophagus 1: end]

Sarcophagus 1: end

One end of an uncaptioned sarcophagus.

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