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The Camposanto Monumentale cemetary in Pisa (page 8/32)

[picture: Sheep]


A carved animal in the quadrangle at the Camposanto. There are probably four of them, one for each evangelist.

[picture: Pillar and dome]

Pillar and dome

The pillar I think marks where Holy Soil (from the Holy Land) was buried by crusaders.

[picture: Camposanto Cloister 1]

Camposanto Cloister 1

Cloister Windows

[picture: Camposanto Cloister 2]

Camposanto Cloister 2

Cloister Windows

[picture: Camposanto Cloister 3]

Camposanto Cloister 3

A single arched and glassless window

[picture: Alexandra Bartholina VX]

Alexandra Bartholina VX

A marble tombstone and bust dated mdlxxiii, which is, 1573. [more...]

[picture: Fresco]


Medieval fresco on the wall at the Camposanto Monumentale in Pisa.

[picture: Camposanto Cloisters 4]

Camposanto Cloisters 4

The line of archd windows makes a pattern.

[picture: Camposanto Cloisters 5]

Camposanto Cloisters 5

The courtyard, or quadrangle.

[picture: Camposanto Cloisters 6]

Camposanto Cloisters 6

An entrance into the quadrangle. Inside are stone sarcophagi against a wall that once had a beautiful fresco on it.

[picture: Stele 1]

Stele 1

A carved mural for a tomb. We have an old bearded man leaning on a stick, with an old woman and a dog behind him; a younger (barefoot and bare-legged) man annoints his eyes from a bowl, and an angel with wings, a hockey stick and bare feet beckons him on. There are [...]luctus publicus obiisti di te nulia unquam sifebit posteritas [more...]

[picture: Stele 2]

Stele 2

The inscription beneath, which includes a date of mdcccxxvi (1826).

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