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Pisa - Last day (page 17/22)

[picture: Horse and Carriage 2]

Horse and Carriage 2

A horse pulls a carriage.

[picture: Horse and Carriage 3]

Horse and Carriage 3

A horse pulls a carriage.

[picture: Horse and Carriage 4]

Horse and Carriage 4

A horse pulls a carriage past the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Cathedral (Duomo). At left, the Baptistry.

[picture: Door knockers]

Door knockers

An old wooden door on Via Santa Maria, near the Hotel Grand Duomo where we stayed.

[picture: Wooden door in arched entrance]

Wooden door in arched entrance

A wooden door in Italy. It is on via Santa Maria, very near the Cathedral. There are ornamental shrubs on either side, in tubs; two stone steps; a double wooden door, each half with a single large central brass knob; a fan-light above the door, and the whole set in [...] [more...]

[picture: Motorbike Cathedral]

Motorbike Cathedral

Italian bikes parked within sight of the Duomo.

[picture: Souvenir stand]

Souvenir stand

They were everywhere. Notice also the hinged window shutters on the building behind. This scene is on Via Santa Maria near the cathedral.

[picture: Abandoned Shoe]

Abandoned Shoe

Perhaps a small child took off the shoe and hid it here, in this hole in the wall?

[picture: Pisa Motorbikes 1]

Pisa Motorbikes 1

Motorcycles parked in Via Santa Maria.

[picture: Pisa Motorbikes 2]

Pisa Motorbikes 2

Motorcycles parked in Via Santa Maria.

[picture: Hinged window-shutter]

Hinged window-shutter

The shutters over the windows are often hinged at the top.

[picture: Windows and Walls]

Windows and Walls

The hinged shutters, the colour of the walls, it’s Italy.

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