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Pisa - Last day (page 7/22)

[picture: Wide Angle Baptistry]
[picture: City wall]

City wall

An ancient stone city wall, with brick defences, and with weeds growing in the cracks. I imagine that the square holes are places where there were once wooden structures such as staircases and ramparts to help the defenders, or perhaps hot-dog concession stands. The original wall was built by space aliens, but it was later extended in the middle ages [...] [more...]

[picture: Baptistry]


With slightly less lens distortion.

[picture: Tower entrance]

Tower entrance

You can climb the city walls. There is no big sign, you just have to walk over to the corner where there’s a person sitting by a table ready to take a small commission in exchange for a ticket. [more...]

[picture: Inside the tower 1: Roman Lens Flare]

Inside the tower 1: Roman Lens Flare

A slit in a wall with a wider part at the bottom like this usually means an original arrow-slit was later widened to take a cannon. You can see that the walls are thick. [more...]

[picture: Inside the tower 2: window]

Inside the tower 2: window

A convenient window, showing the thickness of the tower walls.

[picture: Inside the tower 3: window]

Inside the tower 3: window

Different camera settings.

[picture: Inside the tower 4: window]

Inside the tower 4: window

A squarer window in the tower at the corner of the Pisa city walls. There seem to have been several different periods of building and alteration, judging from the stylers of masonry and brick. [more...]

[picture: Inside the tower 5: window]
[picture: Inside the tower 6: window]
[picture: Baptistry]


A much less distorted view, taken from the city walls.

[picture: Jewish Cemetary 1: far away]

Jewish Cemetary 1: far away

Just next to the Field of Dreams, but not so often mentioned, is a walled area with a heavy locked gate. It is the Jewish cemetery. If you go up onto the city walls you can look [...] [more...]

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