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Pisa - Last day (page 9/22)

[picture: Il Duomo]

Il Duomo

The famous cathedral on the Field of Miracles in Pisa, seen from the top of the city wall.

[picture: City wall]

City wall

Looking over the city wall, from the same height. The grass at its base belongs to the Field of Miracles.

[picture: Baptistry]


It looks like an ornament from a richly iced wedding-cake, but it is a 16th century building.

[picture: Jewish Cemetary 11: From above]

Jewish Cemetary 11: From above

looking down from the city walls.

[picture: Jewish Cemetary 12: monuments]

Jewish Cemetary 12: monuments

I see now that what I had thought was an eagle was in fact a scroll, a far more likely symbol!

[picture: Jewish Cemetary 13: Carolina Essinger]

Jewish Cemetary 13: Carolina Essinger

Tombs seen from above. The writing is upside-down, because it is written to be read from the other side.

[picture: Jewish Cemetary 14: tombs and pillar]

Jewish Cemetary 14: tombs and pillar

More tombs and a broken pillar monument; I’m only guessing that the pillars were constructed like that, and not broken off after they were erected. It has been suggested to me that it [...] [more...]

[picture: Jewish Cemetary 15: Corrado Lopez]

Jewish Cemetary 15: Corrado Lopez

The tomb on the right is that of someone called Corrado Lopez, [more...]

[picture: Jewish Cemetary 16: Stone monuments]

Jewish Cemetary 16: Stone monuments

Even the afternoon sunlight cannot penetrate the farthest corners of the graveyard.

[picture: Leaning Baptistry of Pisa]

Leaning Baptistry of Pisa

Actually I think it’s distortion from the fish-eye lens. The Christian cemetery is on the left, and the cathedral is in the left just behind the baptistry. You can also just make out the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa behind that, with a flag flying. [more...]

[picture: Jewish Cemetary 17: 1944]

Jewish Cemetary 17: 1944

It is no surprise that there are a graves with dates during the Second World War.

[picture: Jewish Cemetary 18: rows of tombs]

Jewish Cemetary 18: rows of tombs

Tombs and monuments in the afternoon sun.

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