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Glasgow in 2007 (page 2/19)

[picture: Fish-eye building]

Fish-eye building

On the corner of George and Montrose streets in Glasgow.

[picture: Glasgow Building]

Glasgow Building

There are a lot of them. This one looks older than many.

[picture: 1814 gravestone]

1814 gravestone

Otherwise almost entirely illegible.

[picture: Charles Wilson]

Charles Wilson

This Burying Ground
is The Property
Charles Wilsone
Surgeon in Glasgow

[picture: John Alexander]

John Alexander

This is the Burial Place
og John Alexander
Merchant in Glasgow
and Grizzal Stevenson
his Spouse sho Died
the 15th of November
1775 [more...]

[picture: Weathered tombstone]

Weathered tombstone

A coat of arms, or at least a shield, and a very weathered inscription. Some fragments: [more...]

[picture: Peace at last: Ritchie and Cooper Family Tomb]

Peace at last: Ritchie and Cooper Family Tomb

The tombstone again, showing the railings.

[picture: Weathered gravestone set into old stone wall]

Weathered gravestone set into old stone wall

sacred to the memory of
? nimmo, m.d. . . .1801, aged 49. [gr]and-daughter, hel[en]
[bo]rn 10th june, 1811;
[die]d 28th february 18??
[f]ather, john nimmo
[bor]n 25th october, 1???
. . . of his sons: [m]urray, [more...]

[picture: Tombs in the sun 1]

Tombs in the sun 1

A corner of an old Scottish cemetary, only slightly overgrown.

[picture: Tombs in the sun 2]

Tombs in the sun 2

Not a good composition, but it looked as if it ought to be somehow photogenic and evocative.

[picture: Tombs in the sun 3]

Tombs in the sun 3

A weathered tombstone in the sun.

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