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Glasgow in 2007 (page 3/19)

[picture: Tombs in the sun 3]

Tombs in the sun 3

Weathered tombstones in the Scottish sun.

[picture: At rest under the tree]

At rest under the tree

A tombstone in the shade of a tree.

[picture: Overgrown grave]

Overgrown grave

A grave with ivy growing all around it.

[picture: Wall with tombs]

Wall with tombs

The wall of the graveyard, or cemetary, in Glasgow, with tombstones set into it, long-weathered by sun and rain.

[picture: Alexander Wilson]

Alexander Wilson

Wet leaves stick to the tombstone in the rain. the stone is dated 1791, and is of Alexander Wilson.

[picture: Reverend Derobert Findlay]

Reverend Derobert Findlay

Professor of Theology in the University of Glasgow, died 1814. The shape of the gravestone is perhaps reminiscent of the end of a casket.

[picture: Monumental Couch]

Monumental Couch

Part of a tombstone I think. Old masonry, with moss.

[picture: Ramshorn Kirk 1: Church Tower]

Ramshorn Kirk 1: Church Tower

Looking up at the tower of this 1824 church.

[picture: Overgrown Churchyard 1]

Overgrown Churchyard 1

The ivy threatens to engulf this churchyard.

[picture: Overgrown Churchyard 2]

Overgrown Churchyard 2

A very slightly different angle.

[picture: It used to say something]

It used to say something

The writing on this gravestone is no longer very legible. At the top it says “Wood.”

[picture: Commemorative Stone]

Commemorative Stone

On the outside wall of Ramshorn Kirk in Glasgow: [more...]

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