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Moose Factory (1) (page 2/8)

[picture: Glimpsing the Moose River]

Glimpsing the Moose River

The Moose River seen through some trees.

[picture: Path to the River]

Path to the River

This is near the convenience store.

[picture: Curved path 1]

Curved path 1

A curved path near the beach.

[picture: Curved path 2]

Curved path 2

A curved path near the beach.

[picture: Rusted padlock on small pebbles]

Rusted padlock on small pebbles

An old rusted padlock on the beach.

[picture: Driftwood]


Old logs on the sandy beach.

[picture: Marshes]


The beach by the shore of the Moose River, near the Cree convenience store’s teepee.

[picture: Driftwood]


Like horns.

[picture: Moose River Sparkles]

Moose River Sparkles

The Moose River with reeds in the foreground.

[picture: Driftwood]


A closer view.

[picture: Marshy beach]

Marshy beach

Marshes and sand and water. And a hot day.

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