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Moose Factory (1) (page 8/8)

[picture: Moose River Sunset 1]

Moose River Sunset 1

Taken through a window and a little blurry.

[picture: Moose River Sunset 2]

Moose River Sunset 2

With a boat, a “freighter canoe.”

[picture: Blur]


A sunset blur.

[picture: youths on the dock 4: jump again!]

youths on the dock 4: jump again!

Low light and lack of a tripod meant this was not a good shot; I used the kit zoom lens, that does not have image stabilisation (but does go to 300mm). [more...]

[picture: Youths on the dock 5]

Youths on the dock 5

Working up to another jump; one of them appears to have lost not only his shoes and socks but also his trousers, and is barelegged and barefoot. [more...]

[picture: Moose Factory Sunset 3]

Moose Factory Sunset 3

A vivid sunset over the Moose River.

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