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Tokyo (page 11/16)

[picture: Welcoming the mikoshi 2]

Welcoming the mikoshi 2

Waving the frond.

[picture: The mikoshi enters]

The mikoshi enters

Actually you can see that they have put it down on its rest.

[picture: mikoshi poles]

mikoshi poles

Showing the knot.

[picture: Mikoshi]


A closer view of the mikoshi, but from behind.

[picture: Guardian temple lion]

Guardian temple lion

A stone japanese lion guards the temple.

[picture: Guardian temple lion on the other side]
[picture: Other lion with pedastal]

Other lion with pedastal

The lion sits on this plinth.

[picture: Japanese stone lion with plinth]

Japanese stone lion with plinth

The lion sits on this plinth. The inside of its mouth is painted red. It appears to e cross-eyed.

[picture: Temple steps]

Temple steps

Stone steps leading to a temple.

[picture: Tailor Takahashi]

Tailor Takahashi

It’s a common Japanese name, but at the time e had recently learned about the Takahashi Method of giving presentations.

[picture: Japanese street 1]

Japanese street 1

The old and the new again.

[picture: Japanese street 2]

Japanese street 2

A typical street scene in Tokyo.

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