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Tokyo (page 13/16)

[picture: Tall thin building]

Tall thin building

With a triangular top.

[picture: Tokyo Tower]

Tokyo Tower

Another picture of the tower.

[picture: Coffee Jack]

Coffee Jack

dunno, guv.

[picture: Book Off!]

Book Off!

I am not sure what this truck is trying to tell me.

[picture: Spare Key]

Spare Key

Somewhere to buy a duplicate key I think.

[picture: THC]


Amongst other things you can get THC here.

[picture: Guitter Lessons]

Guitter Lessons

At least they don’t offer English lessons.

[picture: Arched windows]

Arched windows

Some elegant arched windows.

[picture: Flying Rabbit Burger]

Flying Rabbit Burger

I am not sure what the rabbits are doing. The burger doesn’t look very appetising to me. I think it’s supposed to be a breakast burger, with egg and bacon. [more...]

[picture: Turntable]


This small turntable is for delivery vans, because there isn’t enough room for them to turn round!

[picture: Game store]

Game store

Only the guys who can enjoy games are hero.
The game in that you are a hero has just begun

[picture: Lonely Tree]

Lonely Tree

A tree wedged between two big buildings

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