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Tokyo (page 2/16)

[picture: Air Canada Meal]

Air Canada Meal

There is a direct flight from Toronto to Tokyo, flight AC-1, and this is the meal I was served in Executive First.

[picture: Bathrobe]


There were folded bathrobes on the bed in the Hotel Celestine.

[picture: Hotel Room 1]

Hotel Room 1

The room in the Celestine Hotel.

[picture: Hotel Room 2]

Hotel Room 2

The bed has interesting bedside lamps; the curved parts are flexible.

[picture: Hotel Room 3]

Hotel Room 3

It is a lare and roomy hotel room, by Japanese standards.

[picture: Hotel Room 4: desl]

Hotel Room 4: desl

Oops, a bit blurry, sorry.

[picture: SVG Open 1: Doug Scheppers]

SVG Open 1: Doug Scheppers

Speaking at SVG Open

[picture: SVG Open 2: Felix Sasaki]

SVG Open 2: Felix Sasaki

Speaking at SVG Open

[picture: SVG Open 3: Koboyashi-San]

SVG Open 3: Koboyashi-San

On a panel at SVG Open

[picture: SVG Open 4: oops]

SVG Open 4: oops

I need these names in Japanese! Just Systems at SVG Open

[picture: SVG Open 5: Andrew and Doug]

SVG Open 5: Andrew and Doug

Speaking at SVG Open

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