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Tokyo (page 5/16)

[picture: Side street]

Side street

A side street at a wonky angle.

[picture: Street sign and lines]

Street sign and lines

The streets in Japan do not have names, only numbers.

[picture: Street]


One of the small streets; there are many like this in Tokyo.

[picture: Road Closed]

Road Closed

Please go around, the shrine is on the move. The portable shrine here is called a mikoshi; I have more pictures of these. [more...]

[picture: Before the ceremony]

Before the ceremony

A group of people discussing (I imagine) the procession they were about to start.

[picture: Lantern]


A lantern in a doorway, for the day’s festival. I am not sure what festival it was, since every shrine or temple, and sometimes even different households, have their orn festivals. [more...]

[picture: Sign]


I don’t know what it says.

[picture: parked vehicle]

parked vehicle

A van, or SUV; Japanese vehicles are actually quite different in Japan than in the West.

[picture: Japanese Woman]

Japanese Woman

Going shopping I think, with her umbrella or parisol.

[picture: Temple door]

Temple door

A stone inscription in Tokyo. What does it mean? I do not know.

[picture: The drum is waiting]

The drum is waiting

The drum on its wheeled cart sits waiting
for the people, for the ceremony, for the spirit.

[picture: The drum is waiting]

The drum is waiting

Another shot.

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