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Tokyo (page 6/16)

[picture: Freshness Burger 1]

Freshness Burger 1

Wouldn’t want Staleness Burger!

[picture: Freshness Burger 2]

Freshness Burger 2

Wouldn’t want Staleness Burger!

[picture: East Gate]

East Gate

Another shot of the east gate of the Mita Campus of Keio University.

[picture: Procession 1: Carrying the mikoshi]

Procession 1: Carrying the mikoshi

Carrying the mikoshi out onto the street.

[picture: Procession 2: with lanterns]

Procession 2: with lanterns

Carrying the mikoshi out onto the street.

[picture: Procession 3]

Procession 3

Carrying the mikoshi out onto the street. You can see the phœnix (the hoo) on the top of the mikoshi. [more...]

[picture: Procession 4]

Procession 4

The man is wearing black socks called odori tabi socks (); Western people sometimes call them tabi boots. He is carrying a banner, and leading the procession with the mikoshi, or sacred palanquin, being carried on poles behind him. [more...]

[picture: Procession 5: Stop the traffic!]

Procession 5: Stop the traffic!

The Japanese policeman is there to stop the traffic for the procession.

[picture: Procession 6: crossing the street]

Procession 6: crossing the street

The procession crosses the street.

[picture: Procession 7: The Mikoshi is carried past]

Procession 7: The Mikoshi is carried past

The mikoshi is carried past me on its poles. This one has a very beautiful hoo (phœnix, US phoenix or phenix). [more...]

[picture: Procession 8: Crossing the street]

Procession 8: Crossing the street

Crossing the street; you can see here the people carrying the mikoshi by the poles and the odori tabi socks they are wearing. [more...]

[picture: Procession 9: Mikoshi]

Procession 9: Mikoshi

They wear traditional costumes.

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