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Liam’s Drawings (page 2/3)

[picture: Forgotten Wars]

Forgotten Wars

I was inspired by an engraving of the ruins of the Roman Wall at Silchester and by political events (the USA, having invaded Iraq despite widespread opposition, find themselves hated by the local people) to write an anti-war piece and to colour the picture. This one is also on Deviant Art. [more...]

[picture: Strange Landscape]

Strange Landscape

Felt pen and ink, on paper the cats got hold of and creased.

[picture: View From the Landing]

View From the Landing

Airbrush and felt pen, 1989

[picture: ]

[picture: City Street (unfinished)]

City Street (unfinished)

An unfinished scene from the same game as the ruined gate; mixed media, A3+ size.

[picture: Toadstool for an elf.]
[picture: Faded Garden]

Faded Garden

airbush, or rather, cheap Letraset compressed air and pen affair.

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