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Amsterdam, May 2002 (page 2/2)

[picture: StarGirl (now Lyvia or Lyssia)]

StarGirl (now Lyvia or Lyssia)

Lyvia is (or was) Lyssia on irc.sorcery.net.

[picture: canalbridge-bushuissluis]


A bridge over a canal, with a sign reading Bushuissluis.

[picture: Chainsaw]


Chainsaw is (or was) an operator/admin on irc.sorcery.net. He’s looking shy here.

[picture: Chainsaw, StarGirl and Julias]

Chainsaw, StarGirl and Julias

Three SorceryNet IRC operators all at once, in a park in Amsterdam.

[picture: Ikarus]


Ikarus was heavily involved in IRC on Sorcerynet.

[picture: magic mushroom shop]

magic mushroom shop

The window indicates that you can get Magic Mushrooms, Psychedelic Herbs & Pills, Sex Stimulants, Energizers, Psychedelic Seeds, Hemp Seeds and Head Products. And yes, it’s legal. [more...]

[picture: Small Street]

Small Street

A small side-street in Amsterdam. I took this shot partly to give my husband back home in Canada a feel for the city.

[picture: StarGirl, Julias and a blurry cyclist.]

StarGirl, Julias and a blurry cyclist.

They’re smirking but I’m not sure why. Maybe I said something rude.

[picture: street-sign to Homomonument]

street-sign to Homomonument

I have since been to the Homomonument and found it very, very moving. People of Amsterdam, I thank you for making this public space in memory of those who died. [more...]

[picture: Strlen (Rick)]

Strlen (Rick)

I’m afraid I behaved badly and hit on him more than I should have done. I don’t think he ever forgave me. Rick was (at the time) an admin of an IRC server on SorceryNet. [more...]

[picture: Strlen (again)]

Strlen (again)

Rick (Strlen) was an admin on Sorcerynet.

[picture: View from my hotel window.]

View from my hotel window.

I think I stayed in the Prinsengrast Hotel, which unfortunately had no non-smoking rooms, and I became ill. In all other respects the hotel was fine, though. [more...]

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