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A trip to MIT (page 2/6)

[picture: Side Street Does Not Stop]

Side Street Does Not Stop

A street sign in Toronto: STOP: Side Street Does Not Stop. Althoug actually if you walk along it, it really does end.

[picture: Salmon with Salad]

Salmon with Salad

I think this was at the MIT Hotel, which is a Hilton.

[picture: Salmon with Salad 2]

Salmon with Salad 2

A plate of food, dinner.

[picture: Lentil Soup]

Lentil Soup

Or I think that’s what it is. A bowl of soup seen from above.

[picture: Pizza]


This was a pizza served at Dooney’s restaurant on Bloor Street in Toronto.

[picture: Hotel Room with Sunlight]

Hotel Room with Sunlight

A very white-looking hotel room in Cambridge, MA, USA.

[picture: Boston from the Hotel Window]

Boston from the Hotel Window

Looking across the river from Cambridge MA to Boston, through the net curtains of the hotel window.

[picture: View from the hotel window]

View from the hotel window

Looking out of the hotel window at nearby buildings. There are a couple of buildings on the MIT campus visible if you know them. The hotel is near the junction of Mass Ave and Main St. [...] [more...]

[picture: View from the hotel window 2]

View from the hotel window 2

Looking to the left instead. that’s Boston over there I think.

[picture: View from the hotel window 3]
[picture: Red Lanterns on Brick Wall]

Red Lanterns on Brick Wall

These are outside the hotel I think. And no, they are not trying to say something about the people inside!

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