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A trip to MIT (page 4/6)

[picture: Another Building]

Another Building

Actually a local church I think.

[picture: Lamp]


An odd lamp on top of a very tall gate-post.

[picture: Moon through trees]

Moon through trees

The moon seen against a blue sky and slightly blurry leaves.

[picture: Bright Lamppost]

Bright Lamppost

A wrought iron fitting makes the lamppost more interesting, although some people hate lens flares. There is a crane in the background, of the construction sort. [more...]

[picture: Hotel at MIT at night]

Hotel at MIT at night

Hotel @ MIT at night.

[picture: 4 Blanche Street]

4 Blanche Street

A New England house.

[picture: Vassar Street 4]

Vassar Street 4

The Stata Center seen from the other (West) side. yes, I have an office i nthis thing. I think it’s in the second brick tower, that looks square from this angle but actually of course is not. [more...]

[picture: Lantern at MIT]

Lantern at MIT

An old-fashioned lamppost set against a neo-classical building.

[picture: Lantern at MIT 2]

Lantern at MIT 2

An old-fashioned lamppost set against a neo-classical building.

[picture: Classical Entrance]

Classical Entrance

The classical architecture style, I suppose: fluted columns. It’s at MIT.

[picture: Stata Center]

Stata Center

Seen from the back it’s still pretty odd. My office is in the Gates Tower, which is on the left here.

[picture: Liam in the Mirror]

Liam in the Mirror

Eyes askance, as they say, as I photograph myself in the mirror in the hotel. The camera is a small hand-held Casio one, and it took this photograph (of course). [more...]

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